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Trump Was Just Gonna Refuse To Leave The White House Like A Squatter After Losing To Biden, According To A Top Trump Aide: ‘We Don’t Care, We’re Not Gonna Leave’

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A new report from ABC News details some of what was being schemed behind the scenes in the White House in December 2020 after Trump lost the election to Biden in the previous month. Ex-Trump attorney and noted fart-sniffer Jenna Ellis, claimed in testimony to prosecutors in Georgia that “the Boss” was essentially planning to squat and refuse to leave, based on what one of his deputy Chief of Staff told her.

Reports ABC News:

ABC News has obtained portions of videos of the proffer sessions of both Ellis and Sidney Powell, two attorneys who aided Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. The videos for the first time reveal details of what they have told law enforcement since agreeing to cooperate last month in the district attorney’s election interference case.

Ellis, in her proffer session, informed prosecutors that senior Trump White House official Dan Scavino told her “the boss” would refuse to leave the White House despite losing the election, and alluded to two other instances she said were “relevant” to prosecutors — but appeared to be prevented from disclosing those in the video portions obtained by ABC News due to attorney-client privilege, which hindered portions of her proffer.

You can watch a snippet of Ellis’ testimony below.

For what it’s worth, an attorney for Trump, who of course has repeatedly denied all wrongdoing in the Georgia case, gave a statement to ABC and called the “purported private conversation” detailed by Ellis in her testimony “absolutely meaningless.”