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Patrick Mahomes Predicted What Would Happen Leading Up To Russell Wilson’s Touchdown Pass To Courtland Sutton

patrick mahomes manningcast

There aren’t many people who have watched more Denver Broncos film over the last few years than Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Ever since he became the starting quarterback in Kansas City, Mahomes has played the Broncos twice every year, and he’s become very aware of how the team goes about its business.

That came in handy on Monday night during his cameo on the ManningCast broadcast of the game between the Broncos and the Buffalo Bills. Midway through the second quarter, Denver found itself in the red zone, and Eli Manning asked a pair of simple questions: Will they score, and how will they do it? Mahomes took things a step further, saying he expected a pair of runs before a “hard play action on third-and-short that’s gonna get a touchdown.” Here’s how that went:

Now, Mahomes didn’t quite get this perfectly, as the play action that ended in a touchdown came on fourth down. Still, he damn near called this perfectly, and to make up for it, the play action that ended in a touchdown required an absolutely ridiculous effort by Russell Wilson and Courtland Sutton.

This was pretty incredible by Wilson and Sutton, and impressive by Mahomes to map it all out. Congratulations to everyone involved here.