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Seth Rogen Revealed The ‘Worst’ Nude Scene He’s Been In (It Involves A Dog, His Butt, And Beef Jerky)

Seth Rogen has been naked in many TV shows and movies, but only once did the scene involve a dog sniffing his butt because it smelled like beef jerky.

Rogen, Nick Offerman, and Paul Dano dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to discuss Craig Gillespie’s Gamestock biopic, Dumb Money, as well as how they met, working with Pete Davidson, and failed auditions. It’s a fun time, especially when the topic of nude scenes came up. “I’ve been naked many times on camera, mostly to comedic effect,” Rogen said. The “worst” instance was for The Interview, his 2014 comedy with James Franco and Randall Park that almost led to a nuclear holocaust. Weird times.

“There’s a scene in the film where I’ve shoved a rocket up my ass. I’m concealing it from North Korean guards and I get stripped down by the guards and they have a German Shepherd who’s supposed to… the joke is that the German Shepherd is smelling me and it smells my ass,” Rogen explained. The dog handler and a representative from PETA were on set, but the dog refused to, um, stick his nose up there until they found a solution: beef jerky.

“I end up shoving beef jerky in my ass,” he said.

You can watch the rest of the interview, including the PETA representative’s reaction to the beef jerky trick, in the video above.