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Taylor Swift changed ‘Karma’ lyrics to shout out her new boyfriend and people are loving it

At this point you don’t have to be a Swifty to know that Taylor Swift is dating Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce. You don’t even have to be a Chiefs fan to have knowledge of this information because Swift’s fans will make sure the word reaches the penguins in Antartica. While this obviously isn’t Swift’s first romance (she’s had a long career singing about her love life), it is the first time where two she’s merged two seemingly opposite worlds.

When Taylor Swift shows up at an NFL game, it’s a newsworthy event which is sort of how Americans became aware of the budding love. For weeks you couldn’t turn on ESPN without hearing about Swift and Kelce but just as things died down, Swift riled her base back up at a recent concert.

Kelce was in the crowd watching Swift perform her hit song “Karma” when she suddenly changed the lyrics causing the crowd to erupt in screams.

During her Eras Tour’s stop in Argentina, Kelce stands next to Swift’s dad, Scott Kingsley Swift, when instead of singing, “karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me.” The pop star sang, “karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.” Kelce, nor her dad could barely contain their surprised reactions.

In the video you see a split screen of Swift on stage singing on top and on the bottom is Kelce watching the stage with Swift’s dad. When Swift sings the new lyrics, the elder Swift taps the football player on the shoulder before he jumps up and down. Dancing ensues after the shock wears off.


Taylor Swift pulled out a lyric change at her Eras Tour concert with Travis Kelce in attendance ❤️ #nfl #taylorswift #traviskelce #chiefs #erastour

“Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce have us all feeling like we’re in hs again,” one commenter writes.

“I love it, she may not be releasing any new songs soon but still she wanted to make something special for him now that they are together,” another person says.

“We all accept it. Don’t even try to pop their love bubble,” someone warns.

“I love this OMG now all of her songs need to include Travis Kelce in them,” a different commenter declares.

While others may feel Kelce should be included in everything Swift makes, the tight end seems pretty happy playing football. But there’s no denying that the moment is ridiculously cute even if you have no idea who either of them are.