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A 92-Year-Old ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Mega-Fan Named Liz Went On The Show And Won Herself A Nice Little Actual Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune tends to be the chaotic cousin of the more erudite and together Jeopardy! But just as Jeopardy! sometimes loses its marbles, so do nice things occasionally happen on Wheel of Fortune. Case in point: On Tuesday’s show, an old lady and longtime fan of the show got her chance to go on the program and win a lot of money.

Per Decider, 92-year-old Liz Wright and her son KC participated in the game show’s “Home for the Holidays” week, in which pairs duke it out for the big prizes. KC kicked off the show by heaping praise upon his mother.

“She spent the first 88 years of her life in Oklahoma with my dad. They, for 62 years, traveled the world, a hundred countries and seven continents. He passed, she moved down five years ago to be with me,” KC said. “And I say, you know, the first 18 years of my life you taught me how to use a spoon, do all the things, watch Wheel of Fortune. And then the last five years I’ve been able to try to give something back to her.”

The pair then proceeded to kick butt, so much so that soon-to-depart host Pat Sajak joined them at the podium to tell them they were having a “terrific night.”

The Wrights even excelled during the Bonus Round, when Liz pocketed an extra $40,000 after nailing a somewhat tricky puzzle whose solution was “Drizzled Honey.” On top of their cash earnings, they all scored a trip to Antigua.

At episode’s end, Liz said she’s such a Wheel of Fortune fanatic that she’d been watching since “day one.” That presumably means she’s been a viewer since the show began in January of 1975, although the current version didn’t start until September of 1983, when Sajak and co-host Vanna White took the reins.

You can watch Liz and KC crush it in the video below. Nice work, you two.

(Via Decider)