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When Does Apple Music Replay Update?

apple music 2023
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The end of 2023 is near. The past year offered some great music, which fans streamed in mass. And as this year comes to a close, music fans can’t wait to see a visual representation of their listening habits. Spotify users are waiting with bated breath for Spotify Wrapped, an annual interactive collection of gifs, playlists, and images designed to correspond to each user’s listening habits from the past year.

But Spotify users aren’t the only ones who get to have fun. Apple Music users can also look forward to seeing their Apple Music Replay. And thankfully, they won’t have to wait too long.

When does Apple Music Replay update?

Apple Music Replay updates every Sunday, according to users on the Apple community discussion board. And this doesn’t exclusively include Sunday that fall within the holiday season. Each Apple Music user’s Replay playlist updates year-round.

Though, during the holiday season, Apple Music user’s may receive a prompt to check their Apple Music Replay, which will direct them to gifs and interactive photos, similar to those of Spotify Wrapped. And while Spotify Wrapped’s playlists and stats are typically only available to view for the latter part of the respective year, and the earlier part of the following year, Apple Music users can see their Replay lists at any time, as well as lists from previous years.