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John Krasinski Immediately Started Trending After That Report About Pedro Pascal In ‘Fantastic Four,’ And People Sure Have Thoughts

Krasinski Fantastic Four
Marvel Studios

With Marvel Studios apparently eager to move past the box office failure of The Marvels, the highly-anticipated Fantastic Four reboot may have finally locked down a major casting decision. Wednesday evening saw numerous trade reports that Pedro Pascal is in talks for the role of Reed Richards a.k.a. Mister Fantastic.

However, should Pascal take the part — which is not a done deal yet — his portrayal will not be Reed Richards’ first appearance in the MCU. John Krasinski brought a long simmering piece of fan-casting to life by appearing as the classic Marvel character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Despite the fan reception to Krasinski’s alternate reality version of the Fantastic Four patriarch, the actor has heavily hinted that the cameo was a one-time thing. Krasinsksi has also expressed apprehension to locking himself into the comic book role.

That said, Marvel fans are hoping the studio will change its mind and find a way to bring Krasinski back as Reed Richards. Shortly after the Pascal news broke, Krasinksi began trending on Twitter as fans reacted to the casting decision.

“Huh. I love Pedro, but John Krasinski made a perfect Reed Richards, I thought,” comics legend Gail Simone tweeted.

“Personally we should have got Ioan Gruffudd Reed Richards variant in [Multiverse of Madness] and John Krasinski as the main MCU Mr Fantastic going forward, but that’s just me of course,” Darth Thunder wrote.

“What is Marvel doing? Look at John Krasinski, he’s literally Reed Richard,” Jason wrote.

You can see more reactions below:

(Via Deadline)