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A Clip Of George Santos Claiming That He’s ‘Oblivious’ To OnlyFans Has Gloriously Resurfaced In The Wake Of News That The Buffoonish GOP Swindler Used Campaign Cash For OnlyFans Porn (And Botox)

George Santos Fox News Kennedy Liar
Fox News

A new House Ethics Committee report has revealed that George Santos spent campaign funds on Botox, trips to Atlantic City, and most scandalously, a subscription to the porn site OnlyFans. It’s another embarrassing stain on the New York congressman’s record, which has been marred from the start after it became clear that Santos lied about numerous items including his professional career, college education, and his mother dying in the September 11 attacks.

According to Mediaite, the committee found “substantial evidence” that Santos misappropriated funds and “lived large” thanks to his campaign coffers, despite having an “abysmal” credit rating. However, despite his wild spending, a staffer claimed that Santos failed to pay him for eight months and was told the campaign “had no money.”

In the midst of the House Committee revealing Santos spent campaign funds on OnlyFans, a hilarious and now-telling March interview with Fox Business has resurfaced. In the clip, Kennedy asks Santos if he has an OnlyFans where he peels a banana with his feet. The embattled congressman just laughs and says he didn’t even know what OnlyFans was until recently.

That answer prompted Kennedy to laugh and say, “You just can’t tell the truth,” to Santos’ face.

The resurfaced clip has already gone viral on Twitter where people can’t believe what they’re watching, especially in light of the new allegations against Santos. You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Mediaite)