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Accused Con Man/GOP Congressman George Santos Used Campaign Funds To Pay For OnlyFans, Botox, And Sephora Goods And People Are Losing It

George Santos
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Of the many bizarre twists in the saga of disgraced Congressman George Santos, the news that he illegally used campaign funds to pay for private expenses sounds, at first, fairly tame. After all, this is a man who was a Brazilian Drag Queen before he turned Republican. He’s lied about his ancestry, job qualifications, and collegiate volleyball career. He may have even taken money from the GoFundMe campaign for a veteran’s dying dog. He is the kind of cowardly, cartoonish villain children’s author Lemony Snicket wishes he could’ve dreamed up.

And yet, somehow, learning that he practically starved his campaign staff so that he could funnel political donations through his OnlyFans account feels next-level evil. (Wonder if he was a Bryce Adams subscriber?)

On Thursday morning, a House Ethics Committee report revealed Santos has been misusing campaign dollars for months, refusing to pay his employees even as he borrowed money to afford Botox procedures, shopping trips, and pornographic material. Santos is already facing dozens of counts of money laundering and theft of public funds brought against him by the Department of Justice, but this new report gives voters a clearer picture of the Congressman’s priorities while in office.

The committee found that Santos spent $1,500 on Botox, $3,000 on a weekend trip to the Hamptons, and $2,000 more on trips to Atlantic City. He also went on a shopping spree at Hermes that totaled $4,127.80, paid off credit cards and personal debts, made purchases at Sephora, and funded his OnlyFans account, all using campaign money. Obviously, this is abhorrent behavior from a public servant, but Twitter users seem to be having fun with how ridiculous the whole situation sounds.

(Via Mediaite)