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Mother and son duo who constantly prank each other are parenting relationship goals

Parenting can be pretty tricky at times. It’s like a string of endless pop quizzes and no one knows what grade you’re going to get until 18+ years later. It’s not until they grow up that you get to take in all of your hard work in raising a productive human. But there’s one part of raising kids that doesn’t get talked about enough, and that’s when they’ve reached the age of being able to be your friend.

One mom and her adult son are going viral on the internet for their admirable bond and ability to keep the belly laughs coming. The duo is truly parenting relationship goals. In a compilation of videos shared by VT, Jonah Bolona and his mom spend clip after clip pranking each other or just getting into family friendly mischief.

Bolona has been sharing videos of the silly nonsense he and his mother get into on his TikTok page, The Jonah Bolona, and has amassed nearly 2 million followers.

But it was the compilation video that took some of their funniest moments and mashed them together showcasing their fun relationship. In the very first clip, you know you’re in for…something. Bolona’s mom appears to be sitting on the floor patiently in some sort of black trash bag sealed up to her neck as he attaches a vacuum hose. Somehow mom falls over as the vacuum sucks all of the air out of the bag sealing her inside as Bolona runs away.

The entire compilation is just keeps getting more amusing and commenters love their dynamic.

“Ha ha his mum is a legend,” one person writes.

“Honestly don’t know how they haven’t given each other heart attacks or destroyed the house XD Guess it’s just a norm for them,” another comments.

“This is an extremely HEALTHY relationship!!! I love it,” someone else says.

Some people were quick to point out that there’s nothing wrong with living with your parents, especially when the relationship is healthy. While other’s clarified that it’s his house and it shouldn’t matter what others think as long as they’re having fun, which clearly they are. You can see their hijinks below for your own chuckle.