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Stephen A. Smith Would Not Give Up Sex For A Year In Exchange For A Knicks Championship, In Case You Were Wondering

stephen a smith

The New York Knicks have not won an NBA championship for 1973. They’ve had some good teams over the year — this year’s squad looks like it’s going to be pretty good, as well — but they’ve struggled mightily to get over that last hump. In fact, the Knicks haven’t even made it to the NBA Finals since 1999.

All this is to say that Knicks fans are starved to see the team lift the Larry O’Brien trophy, which was at the center of a question that Stephen A. Smith received on The Stephen A. Smith Show. The fine folks at Ballsack Sports asked a very simple question to Smith, whose non-ESPN show has, uh, we’ll say incorporated some topics that go far beyond the worlds of sports and pop culture lately:

As Smith explains, he was told that he needed to get out of his chair “to end this show” and respond to a question that he was not able to answer while sitting down. It appears he was unaware of what was waiting for him, and after briefly telling Ballsack Sports that their name is “so crass,” he reads the question and responds. What follows is like three and a half minutes of Smith explaining why his answer is no in the most Stephen A. Smith way that he possible could.

I do not know if he will ever replace Jimmy Fallon as the host of The Tonight Show, but I hope he does some day.