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When Is Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday 2 Tour?’

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After pushing her album Pink Friday 2 back a couple of times, it looks like Nicki Minaj has all her ducks in a row and is ready to finally begin the rollout in earnest. Today, she kept things moving along with the announcement of her Pink Friday 2 Tour, sharing a link on social media for fans to RSVP to be informed when the tickets drop for their respective dates.

However, it doesn’t look like Nicki has quite announced those dates yet, so we still don’t exactly know when the shows will be. Knowing the Barbz, though, they’ll drop everything to make sure they can attend once they do find out, so that probably won’t be much of an obstacle for Ms. Minaj. Among the cities listed are Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York (of course), Oklahoma City, Washington, DC, and more, along with a link to request a city (presumably, with enough requests, Nicki and her team will add dates later).

Of course, given the exuberance of her fans, Nicki herself had to address some concerns on Twitter and explain how it all works. “Barbz, there’s no need to panic,” she wrote. “There were lots of ppl waiting on the site. About 30K ppl. Once they sign up, they’ll come off & you’ll be able to. Pls breathe. Also, obviously these aren’t the only countries I’m going to. Just sign up. I’m holding the line open for you.”

She deigned to shoot down a hater who suggested that the RSVP site was a cover for some last-minute market research. “They’re trying to see if there’s any demand so they know to book theatres or arenas so that she doesn’t have dates that don’t sell out,” the account speculated. “Imagine waking up, realizing God gave you life & air to breathe & tweeting this,” Nicki clapped back. “Ppl who don’t like Nicki Minaj follow everything she does… DUMB HOE THIS IS AN ARENA TOUR. I HAVE THE ROUTING. THIS IS SIMPLY TO ADD MORE CITIES. AND why would I announce the routing now & not give other cities a chance to be added?” That account later deleted their tweet after Nicki encouraged her fans to mass report it (that whole “don’t attack people” lasted what? Two weeks?).

For more info, you can check out Nicki’s RSVP link here.