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People Online Are Losing Their Minds Over One Of Dakota Johnson’s Clunky Lines In The ‘Madame Web’ Trailer

Madame Web

Dakota Johnson has a unique way of delivering lines. The actress doesn’t shout. She rarely gets worked up. She prefers a kind of deadpan, speaking with a monotone that’s more laidback than disinterested. But there’s a part in the new trailer for Madame Web when she just sounds bored, possibly because the line is so clunky. It’s this part that’s turned into a social media meme.

Per The Daily Beast, people online seized upon a random part of the Madame Web ad, in which Johnson, on the narration track, gets awfully expository. Her character, Cassie Webb (yes, that’s her name), is talking about the film’s big bad, who looks awfully familiar.

“I’ve seen that man before,” Johnson muses. “He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders, right before she died.”

The line may have sailed right past most viewers upon first watch. But leave it to social media yuksters to milk it for laughs.

One person turned to Johnson’s iconic exchange with Ellen DeGeneres.

Some roped in doomed Republican lawmaker George Santos.

Others went with George W. Bush.

And Trump.

You can watch the trailer for Madame Web, which hits theaters February 14.

(Via The Daily Beast)