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Tate McRae Premiered ‘Grave,’ A Heartbreaking New Ballad On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Following an incredible performance of her hit single “Greedy” earlier tonight, Tate McRae once again brought it to the Saturday Night Live stage tonight (November 18) — this time, with a performance of a new song, “Grave.” Earlier this week, McRae premiered her new song and video for “Exes,” and at the end of the video, fans caught a snippet of a new song. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait too long to hear the full version.

During her performance of “Grave,” McRae once again took command of the stage — but this time, more with her vocals and lyrics, than with her dancing.

“You dig the grave so deep / You pull and start to take me down with you / with you, with you, with you,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

McRae’s sophomore album Think Later arrives early next month, and our cover star isn’t wasting any time with this era.

As her star continues to rise, McRae is inevitably dealing with comparisons to the stars of yesteryear. But in an interview with Billboard, she said she hopes to follow in the footsteps in the greats.

“When I look at my favorite icons or videos or performances, it’s always the biggest pop stars, so I think that’s always a goal,” she said. “I think what defines a pop star is how iconic [they are]: Madonna, Britney [Spears], Christina [Aguilera]; they would put on these shows and blow everybody away and make timeless art. And that’s what I want to do: make timeless art and timeless performances — and strive to keep on doing that.”

You can see the performance of “Grave” above.

Think Later is out 12/8 via RCA. Find more information here.