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Kim Kardashian Was Called Out By Greenpeace For Her ‘Nipple Bra’ Video That Made A ‘Mockery’ Of Climate Change

kim kardashian
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Last month, Kim Kardashian added a new item to the SKIMS store: a nipple bra. It’s a bra with — hold on to your monocle — nipples. In a video announcing the product (which is sold out in every size), Kardashian said, “The Earth’s temperature is getting hotter and hotter. The sea levels are rising. The ice sheets are shrinking. I’m not a scientist, but I do believe everyone can use their skill set to do their part.” You can tell she’s serious because she’s wearing glasses. She continued, “That’s why I’m introducing a brand new bra with a built in nipple, so no matter how hot it is, you’ll always look cold.”

Greenpeace UK was not a fan of Kardashian making light of climate change to sell underwear.

“Using melting glaciers and rising sea levels as a punchline to improve your profit margins makes a mockery of an issue that is devastating millions of people’s lives,” the eco-friendly organization wrote on Instagram. “We desperately need global icons like Kim to champion the fight against climate change. Sadly, this isn’t what’s happening here. Kim’s new advert perpetuates the harmful profit-driven system accelerating the climate crisis, and diverts attention away from more impactful actions, like the UN Global Plastics Treaty, which offer a real chance for systemic change.”

Kardashian has previously been criticized by climate activists for her frequent use of a private jet. “I believe in climate change, and I believe that anything can help,” she told Interview magazine in response. “But I also believe in being realistic and I think sometimes there’s so much to worry about on this planet, and it can be really scary to live your life with anxiety.” No kidding.