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Adam Sandler’s Daughter Wasn’t Cool With Him Kissing Co-Stars, But His Wife Was: ‘Let Daddy Kiss’

Adam Sandler doesn’t make what anyone would call risqué movies, but he’s still had his share of big time romantic co-stars: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Oscar-nominee Emily Watson, Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette, Julia Fox, et al. Nothing serious happens — maybe a chaste kiss, maybe. But even those have been too much for one of his kids.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Sandler, who’s promoting his new animated lizard movie Leo, went on The Jennifer Hudson Show. As it happens the two played lovers in his 2017 Netflix comedy Sandy Wexler, prompting Hudson to remember that her son, then 6, was a little confused why mommy was kissing someone who’s not his dad. As it happens, Sandler has had similar issues with his his daughters, Sadie, now 17, and Sunny, 15.

“When I have to kiss anybody, they’re not thrilled about that,” Sandler said about his daughters,” Sandler explained. “My wife is always telling them, ‘It’s OK. It’s part of the job. Let daddy kiss.’”

But one of his two daughters takes it worse than the other. “Sadie was always fine with it,” he said. “Sunny would always be going over to my wife, saying, ‘You have to watch them. That’s not good. I don’t like that.’”

Sandler, though, says he’s always conscious not to get too hot and heavy on-set. When he act-kisses, he says, he’s “a little tight-mouth,” adding, “I don’t open up too wide.”

Hudson had his back, saying her movie kisses with Sandler were “very movie-appropriate.”

Sandler’s Leo press tour is happening as the holiday season kicks off, so he’s opened up about some of his old festive SNL tunes, including “The Chanukah Song.” In fact, he says, he almost wasn’t the one who first performed that one on-air.

Leo now streams on Netflix. You can watch part of Sandler’s Jennifer Hudson Show stint below.

(Via THR)