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David Letterman Made A Triumphant Return To ‘The Late Show’ For A ‘Delightful’ Interview With Stephen Colbert

David Letterman received a hero’s welcome while making a triumphant return to the Ed Sullivan theater where he hosted The Late Show for 22 years. After being introduced by current host, Stephen Colbert, Letterman walked out to a massive standing ovation and chants of “Dave!” as he took the stage. As the veteran late night host attempted to sit down, the crowd got even wilder.

“What happened? What are they doing now? Is there going to be trouble?” Letterman quipped after standing back up. “Stephen, control your people.”

As the two settled in for a “delightful” conversation, Letterman couldn’t help but remark about the amazing condition of his old stomping grounds, which looks way better than when he was host. Letterman noted that his dressing room was nicer than any hotel he’s ever been in, and he’ll be staying in it until Christmas.

Jokes aside, Letterman made it a point to graciously compliment his successor.

“By the way, congratulations on the great success you and your staff have had,” Letterman told Colbert via CNN. “It must be very, very gratifying and as a handful of people recognized, it’s not easy, but you make it look very easy. So, again, congratulations to you and the entire staff.”

Letterman even obliged Colbert by recreating the selfie they took when it was announced that Colbert would be taking over The Late Show desk.

As for the big question of whether Letterman misses the job: Of course.

“I miss everything!” Letterman said. “I mean mostly, it’s fun. Very few things in life provide one the opportunity. And I can’t speak for you or to you on this topic, but for me, if you muck one up, 24 hours later you get to try again.”

You can watch more of Letterman’s delightful interview with Colbert below:

(Via CNN)