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The ‘Frozen’ Director Has Explained The Surprising Lyric Change For The New Disney Ride


The Frozen universe is expanding even more. We already have not one but two sequels on the way, with Frozen 3 expected to be “mind-blowing” and a fourth installment sometime after that. But there are always more things to change in an ever-expanding universe, even if it’s something as minuscule as lyrics.

In Hong Kong Disney’s latest Frozen attraction, the lyrics in “Let It Go” were changed, and director Jennifer Lee spoke to EW about the switch.

During a rendition of “Let It Go,” the lyrics change from “It’s time to see what I can do” to “It’s time to share what I can do” because we have to teach kids about sharing, right? Not really. Lee explained that the lyrics change was more about opening up the world to guests on the ride.

It might seem like changing the lyrics to a now-iconic and often over-played song would be hard, but Lee said it actually wasn’t. “It’s not like there’s an approval process where we’ve got all these rules we can’t break. We just sat down with the songwriters and talked about it,” Lee explained. “You’re just being so experimental with the music and lyrics, and Rob and Kristen just want to tell the story.”

Lee added that they always wanted flexibility with the franchise. “We never want anything with Frozen to be like, don’t touch it, because it’s not what Disney is about. People want to take those characters into their lives, and everyone has their own relationship with those characters. You want to push it, celebrate it, and make it more and more accessible.”

Maybe it’s time to change the lyrics to “Something Never Change.” Because……they do.

(Via EW)