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Eagles DT Jalen Carter Came Incredibly Close To Intercepting A Patrick Mahomes Spike

jalen carter

Jalen Carter has been one of the best rookies in all of football, regardless of position. The former University of Georgia standout has been an immediate contributor at the heart of the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line, and he’s already one of the best defensive tackles in the league at mixing the ability to blow up a run game with the ability to rush a passer.

Carter is incredibly quick for his size — the dude is 6’3 and 314 pounds — and on Monday night, he nearly showed off his ability to see things and react. The Kansas City Chiefs were trying to spike the ball in the waning moments of the first half to set up a field goal, which is usually a pretty cut and dry thing. Patrick Mahomes took the snap and successfully spiked the ball, but as it turns out, Carter was really, really close to picking him off.

Here’s a closer look at it, and you can see that Carter damn near got his hands underneath this football.

As long as you’re not wiping out an opposing offensive lineman’s legs in a way that puts their health at risk, it makes a ton of sense for interior defensive linemen to try this. But of course, it’s really hard and not a lot of guys are quick enough to pull this off, so kudos to Carter for both trying and nearly making it happen.