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Why Was MrBeast Buried Alive?

As one of the most popular YouTube personalities, MrBeast has to constantly find new ways to keep his massive audience engaged. This dynamic led to his most terrifying stunt: Being buried alive for seven days.

In a homage to Kill Bill, MrBeast (real name: Jimmy Donaldson) encased himself in a transparent coffin that was lowered into the ground and covered with over 20,000 pounds of dirt. From inside the specifically designed chamber, MrBeast streamed his experience of spending a full week buried beneath the surface. He had previously spent 50 hours buried alive, so this would be a new record for the YouTuber. However, the week-long dirt nap proved to be more daunting than MrBeast anticipated.

Via New York Post:

Despite the safeguards, the seven-day dirt nap proved psychologically taxing for the daredevil. He was reduced to tears several times during his voluntary entombment, including when he was being released from the casket. There was also the concern that he wouldn’t be able to stand up due to blood clots in his legs from lying in a confined space for so long.

Thankfully, that fear never came to fruition, and Donaldson completed his temporary interment unscathed.

As for why MrBeast went through the self-described “mental agony” of being six feet under for a whole week, we told you earlier: For the subs. The stunt racked up a staggering 57 million views, which only further cemented MrBeast’s status as one of the most popular YouTubers around. However, he’s now faced with the even more terrifying task of topping this latest stunt.

(Via New York Post)