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All The Streetwear Brands From ComplexCon 2023 You Need On Your Radar


ComplexCon rolled through Long Beach California this weekend to wrap up 2023’s year in streetwear in a nice stylish bow. Maybe “bow” isn’t the right word… in a nice stylish workwear-inspired balaclava maybe? Let’s go with that! This year was an interesting one for streetwear, as now that we’re three years deep into the decade it feels like the 20s have an identity of their own rather than still being indebted to the fading trends of the previous decade.

The two-day extravaganza saw over 150 different streetwear brands cram into the Long Beach Convention Center for a pop-up market of bespoke booths and large art exhibits, giving guests access to exclusive drops of limited products and hot collaborations. We were on the ground both days of the festival scoping out all the brands and booths to help filter down the best brands in attendance so that you don’t have to. We filtered it down to a tight ten.

Here are the ComplexCon 2023 brands you need on your radar right now.


Why We Love The Brand:

ADW comes from the mind of Adriana Williams, a Howard University alum who taught herself how to sew and specializes in handmade clothing accessories. The Kensington Philadelphia-based brand is beloved for its attention to craft and detail and currently makes t-shirts, hats, jewelry, home goods, and bags.

We love the brand’s minimalist aesthetic and clean designs.

Shop ADW here.

B.B. Simon

Why We Love The Brand:

If you’re looking to bling out your belt buckle with an eye-catching statement piece, make it B.B. Simon. Every belt from the brand is handcrafted and made to order with Austrian Crystals.

The brand counts Doja Cat, Ice Spice, Sexyy Red, and Jim Jones as fans.

Shop B.B. Simon here.


Why We Love The Brand:

Belacartes’ vibe is gritty and industrial, with a sort of punk rock and nu-metal aesthetic. While the brand leans on the edgy side there is still a playful almost cute vibe to some of their pieces. For every studded belt and pair of jorts, there is a vibrant leopard-print Ugg-inspired boot or pink hoodie to help balance out the look.

Shop Belacartes here.

Chris Pyrate

Why We Love The Brand:

The brainchild of the designer and artist of the same name, Chris Pyrate makes beautiful pieces full of psychedelic and flowery imagery. Pyrate’s current collection is very small, right now it consists of streetwear staples like pants, shirts, hoodies, and a reversible bubble jacket, but each design feels like a genuine piece of art worth cherishing.

At ComplexCon he introduced his first sneaker, a Nike SB-style shoe that features his psychedelic floral designs.

Shop Chris Pyrate here.

Diva In The USA

Why We Love The Brand:

Diva in the USA is an Atlanta-based brand founded by rapper and producer Reese LAFLARE. The brand mostly deals in skatewear basics and staples but has a bright and playful aesthetic that is incredibly infectious and easy to love.

That’s probably why the brand has attracted the attention of Young Thug, Metro Boomin, A$AP Ferg, Hit-Boy, and Sexxy Red, all artists known for their playful sense of style.

Shop Diva in the USA here.


Founded by Mexican-Peruvian designer Elliette Saavedra, Garmette specializes in handmade garments inspired by Saavedra’s upbringing in a Hispanic household. The brand’s big piece is the elegant and beautiful V-Maxi dress, but the brand came through ComplexCon with several moto-inspired pieces

The brand counts Becky G and Jorja Smith as fans.

Shop Garmette here.

Hello Angel Girl

Why We Love The Brand:

Hello Angel Girl is a California-based brand that takes inspiration from Japanese fashion subcultures like Gyaru, which itself is influenced by American fashion circa-2000 and filtered through a Japanese lens. It’s a fashion aesthetic that has been translated, and then translated again! The main aesthetic is bright, colorful, playful, and super cute.

If your vibe is Hello Kitty, pink, and ultra kawaii, Hello Angel Girl is your brand.

Shop Hello Angel Girl here.

Homme + Femme

Why We Love The Brand:

Founded by Drew and Andrew Evans, Homme + Femme is an LA-based brand that specializes in elevated luxury streetwear. The brand oozes the ‘90s and early ’00s vibes filtered through an LA hip-hop lens.

The brand just recently dropped a moto-inspired collection that looks seriously dope, whether you’re into super elevated pieces like the premium leather “Classic Moto Jacket” or more casual styles like the “Moto Thermal Long Sleeve.”

Shop Homme + Femme here.

The Incorporated Clothing

Why We Love The Brand:

The Incorporated is a Seattle-born Los Angeles-based brand started by designer Mark McGinnis. The brand likes to combine vintage and high-fashion silhouettes with streetwear aesthetics, resulting in a loud but highly stylish look.

The brand’s main focus is menswear, but unisex pieces have shown up in music videos for various artists, hinting at what the brand might have in store as it continues to grow.

Shop The Incorporated Clothing here.

Knorts Knit Denim

Why We Love The Brand:

Knorts Knit Denim is a brand that does denim, but elevated. The premium pieces from Knorts are knitted not woven and made on looms in Los Angeles with indigo-dyed yarn. The main idea behind Knorts is to offer denim fashion that is as comfortable and laid-back as possible.

It’s denim filtered through a laid-back LA lens, and we’re here for it. So are Cardi B and Latto apparently!

Shop Knorts Knit Denim here.