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‘First Take’ Went Way Off The Rails As Mad Dog Gave His Thoughts On The JFK Assassination

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Wednesday is the 60-year anniversary of the last time a sitting American president died in office. On Nov. 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, and in a collection of words that will come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with his entire schtick, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has some thoughts about this.

Mad Dog appeared on Wednesday’s edition of First Take and got to do his segment where he screams about whatever he feels like screaming about on that given day. (If you do not watch the show and think this sounds like horrible television, I promise you, it’s extremely good.) Instead of easing into the segment by taking about sports or Thanksgiving or literally anything else, Mad Dog dove head-first into the JFK assassination by giving his take on who actually pulled the trigger on that fateful day in Dealey Plaza.

“If anybody out there thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald did that by himself, they’re taking gummies with me,” Mad Dog said, alluding to the fact that he is a big fan of taking gummies and then watching football. “Lee Harvey Oswald, he, uh, that was not a solo deal with the President of the United States, may I say that?”

You may, Chris. Stephen A. Smith then encouraged him to stop talking about this, but Mad Dog decided to prod.

“Do you agree?” Mad Dog asked.

“Yes, but can we move forward?” Smith replied. “Can we move forward because 90 percent of our audience wasn’t born until 40 years later.”

“THAT’S A MAJOR EVENT,” Mad Dog, accurately, said in response to that request before eventually moving on.

It says a lot about how good First Take‘s producers are that they were able to get things slightly back on track, because my hunch is that Mad Dog would have spent the next hour just asking Stephen A. his thoughts on this. Perhaps Mad Dog can make a cameo on Stephen A.’s YouTube show one of these days so they can go in depth on this.