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Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Came Up With Her ‘Dumbest’ Idea Yet

Marjorie Taylor Greene has said a lot of dumb things, like when she claimed “what happened to Israel could happen to America because our country has been invaded by millions of people from over 160 countries.” And let’s not forget about the “Jewish space lasers.” But Taylor Greene might have made her “dumbest” statement yet this week, according to Jimmy Kimmel.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene, not a bright woman. She says very stupid things on a daily basis. But her new idea might just be her dumbest yet,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live host said during Tuesday’s episode before playing a clip of the Georgia Republican demanding a new committee to look into what happened on January 6th. “Oh, so she wants to make a January 6th committee to investigate the January 6th committee and do January 6th all over again, I guess,” Kimmel cracked. “It’s brilliant.”

Kimmel also poked fun at her new book, MTG, which Donald Trump pretended to love (sorry, MTG, it ain’t going to happen), but everyone else hated. “Did she need to write a book? Couldn’t we have given her some crayons and a Denny’s placemat and got that out of her system?” he said.

You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live video above.