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Jon Hamm Worked With A ‘Dedicated Nippleologist’ To Create His Fake Pierced ‘Fargo’ Nipples

Jon Hamm Fargo

Look above at that picture of Jon Hamm chilling in a hot tub from the new season of Fargo. Look closely. Then look closely-er. Notice anything odd? The more prurient of you may have checked out his nipples. If you did, you may have noticed something: they’re both pierced. They’re small, but they’re there. Here’s the thing, though: Jon Hamm, actor, does not have pierced nipples. His character, a ruthless sheriff out to nab a possible scam artist (Juno Temple), does. It’s Hollywood magic! But how did they give Hamm fake nipples? Is that an actual job?

It is (maybe)! Per Variety, last week Hamm and Temple appeared at a Fargo Season 5 screening in Los Angeles. There Temple was gobsmacked to learn about the fake breastwear. “A full, fake nipple?,” she asked him in front of the crowd. Hamm was all too happy to get into the nitty-gritty.

“I had to have some very blue latex put on my nipples, and then they cast a resoundingly lifelike pair of nipples, which they then pierced and placed over my own nipples, and we shot said nipples,” Hamm told the crowd. “The crew doesn’t get enough credit, but there was a dedicated nippleologist.”

Whether the crew member was simply an accomplished general make-up artist who someone who specializes in nipples is unclear. But if your specialty is fake nipples, that’s quite a get for your résumé. They look good, too! You really think the erstwhile Don Draper and current Fletch has pierced nips.

(Via Variety)