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Lana Del Rey Revealed She Threw Out A Bunch Of Her Gemini Jewelry After Discovering That She Is, In Fact, A Cancer

lana del rey 2023
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Lana Del Rey is constantly reinventing herself — whether it be by choice or by divine intervention. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Grammy-nominated singer revealed how a shocking discovery led her to get rid of some of her most prized possessions.

For years, Del Rey believed her Zodiac sign was Gemini. She had fully embraced her Gemini characteristics, until later realizing that the timing of her birth didn’t line up with the placement on the Gemini stars.

“I lived my life as a Gemini,” Del Rey said. “It’s insane. And then I found out that I was four hours short. I threw out all my 14-karat gold twin Gemini pendants.”

Del Rey learned that she is actually a Cancer sun with a Leo moon and a Scorpio rising. this certainly sounds like a very expensive discovery and transformation, Del Rey accepted her actual Zodiac placement with open arms.

“I feel like I identify with Cancer qualities,” she said. “I’ve got lots of crabs in diamonds. I’ve got a ‘go bag,’ I’ve got a truck — I carry everything I have with me on my back like a little crab. Total crybaby. Tears all the time.”

You can see the interview clip above.