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LeBron James Did Not Enjoy Learning That He Is Older Than Jazz Head Coach Will Hardy

lebron james will hardy
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Tuesday night was a good one for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team hammered the Utah Jazz, 131-99, in a group stage game during the In-Season Tournament, and as a result, the Lakers punched their ticket to the knockout round by going undefeated in Group A play.

LeBron James did not have to play a whole lot, but he still managed to put his fingerprints all over the game when he was on the floor. James had 17 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds in 24 minutes of work, which is both a far cry from what he usually does and still awfully impressive for a guy who is a little more than a month away from turning 39 years old. His age comes up a lot nowadays, and after Tuesday’s game, James learned something unique about this particular game: He is older than Will Hardy, the head coach of the Jazz.

Learning this led to James making a noise, putting his head in his hand, and saying “oh my goodness” a few times.

“I’m not even mad,” James said. “That’s a good one, you got me on that one. That’s crazy.”

James is older than a few coaches, but Hardy, who is turns 36 in January, is the youngest coach in the league. The bad news for James is that if he keeps playing at a high level — which it sure seems like he can do for a few more years — this is going to keep happening.