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‘Mad Men’ Legend Christina Hendricks Announced That She’s Getting Married In New Orleans To Someone Who Makes Her Feel ‘Safe And Loved’

Christina Hendricks
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Even though Joan was pretty unlucky in her love life on Mad Men, Christina Hendricks seems to have found her footing a lot better than her on-screen counterpart. Although it wasn’t Joan’s fault she worked with a bunch of grumpy drunk men.

Hendricks announced that she is marrying her fiance, cameraman George Bianchini, whom she met on the set of Good Girls and began dating in 2020. The wedding will take place in New Orleans.

“It will be very festive, because we love New Orleans,” the Mad Men star told People. Hendricks was born in Tennessee but moved around her entire life. “I’ve gone there for years throughout my life, and I just think it’s one of the greatest American cities. I love that it has its own cuisine, architecture, music and spirit. It’s just a very vibrant and sexy city,” she added. America’s sexiest city Burlington, Vermont could not be reached for comment, but surely Hendricks thought to reach out.

The actress continued, “Love is terrifying — it’s really, really scary,” she admits. “I didn’t want to be apart from him. I realized that as those days were building up, I still wanted to be with him every single day, that I felt safe and loved, and it felt just right to me.”

Lately, Hendricks has been starring in AppleTV’s new soapy regency drama The Buccaneers, after starring in the crime comedy Good Girls for four seasons. “I had been doing scenes with guns, shaking out crime, and being in big trash cans. After that, I just wanted to sit somewhere in a corset with a teacup. It felt exactly right,” she told People. It’s a pretty drastic change from her Mad Men character holding a cigarette in every scene.

(Via People)