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‘Napoleon’ Doesn’t Have A Post-Credits Scene But There’s Still A Sweet Moment Worth Sticking Around For

Napoleon Joaquin Phoenix

Considering Napoleon is a historical epic from Ridley Scott, and not a Marvel movie, the film doesn’t end with a post-credits scene. However, it does present a mystery for anyone who stuck around until the very last minute. Namely, a dedication to “Lulu.”

As for the identity of Lulu, Decider may have deciphered the message at the end of the Joaquin Phoenix film, and it’s a surprisingly sweet moment from Scott who has spent most of the film’s press firing off dismissively hilarious and cranky responses to people calling out Napoleon‘s questionable historical accuracy. (And don’t get started on the French.)

Via Decider:

It appears Lulu is the name of a dog that was owned by Ridley Scott. A 2014 Hollywood Reporter article about industry pets noted that RSA films, the production company founded by Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott, allowed employees to bring pets into the office and let them roam free. The article mentioned that Ridley Scott’s dog, named Lulu, would come into the office when Scott was in town.

Unfortunately, the Lulu mystery isn’t entirely solved. Decider notes that there isn’t any more publicly available information about Lulu since the 2014 article. There’s a likelihood that Lulu has passed, but there’s also a chance that Lulu is still alive and kicking and Scott just wanted to shout her out. Perhaps he’ll let everyone know in a pithy response to some critic.

Napoleon is now playing in theaters.

(Via Decider)