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Even Paris Hilton Is Backing Away From Twitter/X After Touting A Major Partnership Just Last Month

Paris Hilton
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Last week, Elon Musk continued his well-documented history of problematic posting by openly embracing an antisemitic conspiracy theory, prompting major brands like Apple, Disney, Comcast and more to suspend their advertising on Twitter. You can now add Paris Hilton to the list.

Hilton’s move is surprising considering the tabloid fixture touted a major partnership with Twitter just last month. Under the deal, Hilton’s media company 11:11 would produce live-shopping videos for Twitter, which desperately needed a high-profile campaign as the platform bled advertisers even before Musk’s latest debacle. That campaign is now paused.

“11:11 Media made the decision to immediately pull the campaign from the platform,” Bruce Gersh, 11:11 Media’s president and chief operating officer, said in a statement to CNN.

The decision by 11:11 Media to pull its advertising campaign from X comes after at least half a dozen brands also paused their ad spending on X last week over concerns about pro-Nazi content and Musk’s embrace of an antisemitic conspiracy theory on the platform.

IBM halted its ad spend on X on Thursday after a report from progressive media watchdog Media Matters showed its ad had run alongside pro-Nazi content on X.

In a potentially bad sign for Twitter, a spokesperson for 11:11 “declined to comment on whether the suspension of 11:11’s ad campaign also meant the end of Hilton’s partnership.”

As usual, Twitter/X did respond to comment, but the company did not send anybody a poop emoji, which still won’t help this situation in any way.

(Via CNN)