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Taylor Swift’s Fans Are Threatening To Boycott Netflix If Her Concert Film Is Removed From The Streaming Service

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Kids, let me tell you about a time before it was impossible to get Taylor Swift concert tickets.

The year was 2018, and Swift was traveling the world on the Reputation Stadium Tour. Back then, tickets were, well, still expensive, but they weren’t as expensive. Fortunately, much like with the box office record-breaking Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, everyone who wasn’t able to attend could experience the Rep era through Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix.

But now according to What’s On Netflix, the concert film — a Netflix production, mind you — is being removed from the streaming service at the end of December 2023. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Netflix has been removing dozens of its Original titles. The reason why some Originals have been removed often comes down to ultimate ownership of a show or movie and that Netflix has licensed (albeit exclusively) for a fixed period. That does appear to be the case here, with the concert licensed to Netflix for a five-year fixed window, and that window is now coming up.

Swifties are not taking kindly to the news. “im sorry but what do you mean that the reputation tour movie that was exclusively made for netflix is now going to be removed from netflix,” @shookswiftie wrote on X, while @brittibabyyy added, “i’m still so sad they’re removing reputation from netflix. wtf am i supposed to watch when i need to feel like a bad bitch again.” Here’s more:

The only way I’ll feel better is if Reputation (Taylor’s Version) gets announced this weekend.

(Via What’s On Netflix)