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Thoughtful husband goes to the salon with disabled wife to learn how to style her hair

When you’re an able bodied person it can be easy to forget that caring for yourself isn’t something that comes easily for those that have physical limitations. Sometimes the limitations are due to injuries, pain, genetic and autoimmune disorders or due to missing limbs. Having these limitations don’t mean that you can’t care for yourself, sometimes it means you have to do things differently or you need the assistance of someone else to help you.

One husband wanted to make sure that his wife’s disability wouldn’t stop her from having her hair fixed the way she liked it. According to the salon, Happy Hair House, who posted the incredibly sweet video to Instagram, the man’s wife is no longer able to lift her arms to style her hair due to losing muscle function in both of her arms.

In the video the stylist starts blowdrying the woman’s hair while using a round brush to style it at the same time and the husband watched her movements intently.

Before long the husband was given the brush and blowdryer to continue the job while receiving instructions from the stylist. While he might have been nervous, it certainly didn’t show because he looked like he was determined to get it right. The moment was so sweet that the stylist recording the video said she was holding back tears. Commenters were also emotional about the heartwarming gesture.

“This is the form of intimacy I look for in a husband. He’s taking his time with her in sickness & mastering it,” someone reveals.

“See ladies, gents, and non-binary friends: A true moment of “If he wanted to, he would,” another commenter writes.

“This is so beautiful. It made me cry. What a great man,” one person says.

Hopefully whatever is causing the loss of muscle function will subside but in the meantime, it looks like she’s in the best possible hands. Someone grab a box of tissues.