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Good Luck Finding All Of Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition’ Instrumentals That He Just Released

drake for all the dogs
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Drake’s For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition was crowned as “his best work in years” by Uproxx’s Aaron Williams, and Drake is spreading the wealth this holiday season by making the instrumentals for all six Scary Hours Edition (first announced as Scary Hours 3) available for download on his DrakeRelated website.

Earlier this week, Drake challenged all the rappers out there on his since-expired Instagram Story. “Dropping the instrumentals this week,” he wrote (as captured by Complex). “I wanna hear who’s barring up.”

Like he did during his It’s All A Blur Tour, Drake made this into a scavenger hunt his aforementioned website. Click on the area pointing toward the door of the animated mansion, which will take you into the “Studio.” Once inside, a version of the For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition album art is floating above the couch. Click it, and the instrumentals for “The Shoe Fits” will automatically download (for free).

The “El Chico Studio” is where you’ll find “Wick Man” instrumentals. “Red Button” is hidden in “The Lounge,” and “Stories About My Brother” is up in “Bedroom.” We won’t spoil all the fun. Go ahead and try to locate “Evil Ways” featuring J. Cole and “You Broke My Heart” on your own.