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Sorry, But Margot Robbie Doesn’t Even See The Need For A ‘Barbie’ Sequel

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Here’s some good news for conservatives: There will (probably) be no Barbie sequel. Over the summer Greta Gerwig’s Mattel movie Hoovered up gobs of money, enough to make it the 14th highest grossing movie ever made (not adjusted for inflation, of course). But like it’s “Barbenheimer” release date bud, it wasn’t made to spawn a sequel, at least according to its star.

“I think we put everything we had into this one,” Margot Robbie told The Associated Press, as caught by Entertainment Weekly. “We didn’t build it to be a trilogy or something. [Director] Greta [Gerwig] put everything into this movie, so I can’t imagine what would be next.”

Honestly, how could one even top the film’s mic drop of a punchline? Not every movie needs to have a bunch of sequels, including ones about a bunch of sentient doll living in an alternate universe. Not that fans of the film won’t get more: Mattel was quick to launch one of them extended universes, roping in big names and big auteurs to make ambitious movies about toys.

Besides, Gerwig is already busy with other projects, including tackling C.S. Lewis’ Narnia saga for Netflix, trading doll-people without genitals for a lion who’s a stand-in for Jesus Christ.

(Via EW)