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Chris Evans’ Dog Dodger Adorably Rescued Him From A Captain America Question On ‘The View’

Chris Evans dropped by The View on Monday morning where the actor was inevitably peppered with questions about the now infamous Variety exposé that, among other bombshell claims, reported that Marvel has been engaged in talks to “bring back the original gang for an ‘Avengers’ movie,” presumably Avengers: Secret Wars.

Like Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, Evans capped off his MCU tenure with Avengers: Endgame. He’s spoken about being reluctant to return to the role of Captain America, and he often makes it a point to note mention that Anthony Mackie’s Falcon is now the new Cap. However, this time around, Evans got a chance to defuse this latest batch of Marvel questions thanks to a furry assist from his dog Dodger.

Via Decider:

“You know, I always see those reports too, and it’s news to me!” Before he could get in a few more words, he apologized to the Hot Topics panel, pivoting his camera to show the (very cute) interruption sitting beside him: his rescue dog.

“Sorry, this guy really wants some attention,” he said, revealing Dodger smiling below. Evans added, “He is trying so hard!”

While Evans made an attempt to answer the Cap question by saying “no one has spoken to me about it” and reiterating his previous stance that the story “would have to be just right,” the actor quickly put the focus back on Dodger. Look at this guy.


“It’s only when I start Zooms!” Evans said. “He doesn’t care! Until I start talking to the computer screen, then he needs to be the center of attention.”

(Via Decider)