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How Much Is Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Movie Cup?

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December 1, Beyoncé’s Renaissance film hits theaters, along with some special goodies for fans who make it a point to see it opening weekend. AMC Theatres is offering an exclusive Renaissance-themed popcorn bucket and drink cup (which will very likely sell out before the weekend is over).

According to the AMC website, the popcorn bucket will be $22.99, while the cup will be $12.99. (MacGuffins Bar is also selling a Renaissance-themed Paloma with tequila AND gin if you would like to get absolutely sloshed during the movie.)

The film premiered in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 25, in an event that saw the reunion of all five members of Destiny’s Child, as well as a whole galaxy of R&B stars inspired by Beyoncé. Meanwhile, the movie itself is said to be both a concert film and a behind-the-scenes documentary of both the tour and the making of the album that prompted it.

A moment that is already being discussed finds Beyoncé admitting that her daughter Blue Ivy’s appearances on the tour weren’t initially planned as such (the first was supposed to be a one-off) and praising the 11-year-old’s tenacity as she worked hard to improve her own performance after some harsh comments online.