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Baby Keem Goes To A Place Where ‘You Feel More’ In His Eerie ‘Melodic Blue’ Trailer

In the trailer for Baby Keem’s film, The Melodic Blue, the title is given to a mysterious location described as “a place where all human sensitivities are heightened.” The trailer gets very abstract in a hurry, depicting some of the feverish, surreal imagery we’ve come to expect from the PgLang crew, as well as other Amazon Prime Video productions like Swarm.

Keem initially shared the trailer at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival ahead of his and Kendrick Lamar’s headlining performance at the festival. The film’s premise was later described in a press release: “Keem’s internal battle leads us through fragments of memory and temptation as he navigates the depths of The Melodic Blue,” it said.

The film, of course, borrows its title from the California-born, Las Vegas-raised rapper’s 2021 debut album. Since its release, Keem released a deluxe edition the next year, then teamed up with his cousin Kendrick to drop a single called “The Hillbillies.” Later, they teamed up as a duo — also named The Hillbillies — to headline Flog Gnaw, where the festival’s founder Tyler The Creator came out to join them during their performance.

Watch the trailer for Baby Keem’s film The Melodic Blue above.

The Melodic Blue premieres on Amazon Prime Video on December 5.