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Margot Robbie Revealed Ryan Gosling’s Improvised ‘Barbie’ Moment That She ‘Wasn’t Prepared For’

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Even though the summer of Barbie is long gone, Margot Robbie is still a Barbie of the people, and hopefully, she will continue to share tidbits for years to come. She is still basking in her Barbie-ness, after all.

Robbie was recently asked about her favorite scene from the film, which was a tough question because every single scene is good. But she tried anyway! “It’s tricky because watching it on screen is one thing, but being there for the scene was a different thing,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight at the 2023 Gotham Awards, though she was able to pinpoint a particular moment she wasn’t expecting. “It was one line that Ryan improvised on the day. When he yells out ‘sublime.’ I wasn’t prepared for that, that wasn’t in the script and to this day, that makes me laugh,” Robbie said.

Gerwig confirmed earlier this year that the take was one of many random lines that Gosling had shouted, but “SUBLIME” was the one that stuck. She told Variety, “Ryan had the idea of [Ken] having a private moment that she [Barbie] can hear. Because, of course, there’s no walls or privacy in Barbie Land. And then I will give myself credit, I came up with ‘sublime.’ I kept thinking, what’s the funniest word? I kept going back to ‘sublime.’ It’s the oddest word,” she added. Surely there are odder words, like cacophony or fettuccini but you have to save some for other movies.

The director also confirmed that there were many other weird lines that Gosling tried. “But I let him do lots of things, because, why not? He did some very long sentences that he screamed. One was ‘Finally! My rainbow after the storm!’” Maybe one day we will get the Gerwig cut with some of the long-lost footage that the world needs to see.

(Via ET)