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Guy lists his most ‘boomer complaints’ as a millennial and he’s not wrong

Listen, everyone complains. Sure, we like to pretend it’s just boomers that reach a certain age and start daydreaming about telling kids to get off their lawns. But the truth of the matter is, maybe some of the seemingly nonsensical complaints are valid because it appears that convenience has become inconvenient in the most obnoxious way possible.

Kevin Fredricks, a comedian and TikTok creator uploaded a video answering a tweet that asked, “what is the most boomer complaint you have.” Fredricks must’ve been waiting for someone to ask this question because he had an entire list of complaints but honestly, if you’re over 30 you’ll probably be nodding along.

He comes in strong with a particular disdain for QR code menus. Save the trees and all that jazz but there’s something about holding a menu in your hand that helps you choose the same thing you always order so much better. Flipping the menu over is key in making food choices while dining out. Seriously, not everything has to be digital.

“Also, the TV’s too loud. Matter of fact, everything’s too loud. The TV, the music, turn everything down a few notches,” Fredricks declares.

But the comedian wasn’t done, in fact, he was just getting started and so were the people in his comments. You’d think with it being a large platform that there would be some ridiculous complaints, but they’re surprisingly very valid and applicable across generations.

“Concerts need to be at a reasonable hour like 5. 9PM is too late,” one person writes.

“PUT DVD PLAYERS BACK IN LAPTOPS,” another shouts because why do they still sell DVDs but there’s no where to play them? Do they still make DVD players or is everyone using the ones from 2005?

“Yes, I’m tired of dark shows! Between How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) and Game of Thrones (GoT). Baby, 33 and I can’t see. Turn on the light,” one woman says.

“I hate walking in to the grocery store cause the music is so da*mn loud. Like am I picking up some food or going to a d*mn rave,” a commenter complains.


Whats your biggest boomer complaint?

It’s true, it’s all too much. Between not being able to see shows because they’re so dark, to having to subscribe to 75 different streaming services and headlights so bright you can see a party on Jupiter, we’re all shaking our fists at the sky. Maybe if enough people complain, we’ll at least get the streaming services to pay the light bill so we can see what’s happening on the TV.