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Jada Pinkett Smith Gave Drew Barrymore The Supposed Final Verdict On Her Marriage To Will Smith

Will Jada Pinkett Smith
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Last month, Jada Pinkett Smith pulled off a marketing coup for her recent memoir by dropping the bombshell news that she and Will Smith had been secretly separated since 2016. That revelation meant Smith’s now-infamous Oscar slap occurred while the couple were living separate lives. Jada admitted that she was “shocked” that Will called her his wife, which turned out to be the catalyst to fixing their broken marriage.

Less than a week after sharing their secret separation, Jada revealed that, actually, the couple got back together after Smith slapped Chris Rock. We’re talking immediately after, as in the car ride over to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. If all of that seems like a lot, welcome to the life of Will and Jada.

As for where the couple stands today, Jada dropped an update during Tuesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

“I think that one of those next stages in relationships is when you really learn how to accept yourself fully, you really learn how to accept your partner fully as well,” Jada told Barrymore via Decider. “That’s been a journey all in itself.”

After saying that she’s learned to “love Will as he is” and herself, Jada said, “We’re staying together forever.”

So there you have it. Since doing a rope-a-dope on their relationship status, Will and Jada have been a united front. Jada recent went to bat for her husband and threatened legal action over allegations that a former assistant caught Will having sex with Duane Martin.

Jada also stopped by The Breakfast Club where she told Charlamagne tha God that the Duane Martin rumor is “absolutely ridiculous” and “you’ve just got to laugh about it.”

(Via Decider)