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Can Your Spotify Wrapped Be Seen By Other People?

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Spotify Wrapped for 2023 dropped today, giving listeners the chance to discover their stats — including Top Songs, Top Artists, Top Genres, Top Podcasts, what city matches your listening taste, and so much more. For those who have found theirs, some might be wondering if it can be seen by other people.

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Can Your Spotify Wrapped Be Seen By Other People?

It depends. Each user’s Spotify Wrapped is tailored to them, so others won’t be able to see it through the platform. However, you can take screenshots of your top stats for 2023 and share them on social media or with friends — and then, it would be seen by others that way.

Otherwise, you could simply keep the Wrapped reveal to yourself, and nobody would know.

As for your Top Songs Of 2023 playlist, this is not able to be seen by other people either. Sure, you can tell friends what tracks are on it, but each user will only be able to see their own personalized set and nobody else’s. (In past years, the playlists used to be separate and you could see ones from other users, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.)