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Here’s How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped For 2023

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Today, Spotify rolled out their annual Wrapped feature for 2023, giving listeners a chance to discover what their top songs or most-listened-to artists were. As many wait for the lists each year, new users might be wondering how exactly to find theirs.

Here’s what to know.

How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped For 2023

Spotify Wrapped for 2023 can be accessed through the app on your phone, typically with a pop-up alerting you that it’s ready. If you don’t receive a pop-up, you can also tap under the Wrapped section on the homepage.

For users who still aren’t seeing it or can’t access their Wrapped on the Spotify app, you can try entering through on a web browser. It will prompt you to sign into your account before showing your Top Listens that way.

Along with showing users their top artists and songs, Spotify Wrapped is also revealing your most-listened genres, where on Earth matches your listening history, your listening personality type, your top podcasts, and more. For those who reached a top percentage of a musician’s listeners, you might even get a special video message from them — as artists like Taylor Swift, Boygenius, and more filmed ones this year.

Enjoy, and happy reveal day to all who celebrate.