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Is Spotify Wrapped Only For Premium Users?

spotify 2023
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At long last, Spotify Wrapped has arrived. Today (November 29), Spotify has gifted users with interactive statistics based on their listening habits. In each Wrapped, listeners get a fun, colorful summary featuring their most listened-to songs, albums, and artists. Spotify also puts together a nifty little playlist featuring each listener’s most listened-to songs, as well as an assessment of their mood and personality.

As this year’s Spotify Wrapped begins to unwrapped, Spotify users have questions as to how they can access their annual stats.

Is Spotify Wrapped only for Premium users?

Both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users can see their Wrapped statistics. However, Spotify Premium users will have access to some more interactive features. The aforementioned mood and personality assessment will only be available for viewing on the Wrappeds of Premium users.

Some of the newer features also include “Me in 2023,” which assigns each listener one of 12 characters specific to their listening habits, in a tarot-like fashion. Another feature called “Sound Town” matches each user to a city based on the songs and artists they’ve listened to.

According to a press release, listeners will also get their top five genres presented to them in a “sandwich-inspired design.”

All Spotify users can see their individual Wrappeds here.