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Is There A Spotify Wrapped For Apple Music Users?

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Happy Spotify Wrapped day! The streaming service dropped its annual recap, providing users with their year-end stats about their most-played songs, artists, podcasts, and many more tidbits of info. However, those who don’t use Spotify, or are new to using Apple Music, might be wondering if the latter gives a Wrapped-like feature to their users, too.

Here’s what to know.

Is There A Spotify Wrapped For Apple Music Users?

While Apple Music does not specifically provide users with a Spotify Wrapped, as they are two competing streaming platforms, the music company does give listeners a year-end stats list titled Apple Music Replay. These were rolled out to their users earlier this week.

These contain the same key points of information, including your Top Artists, Top Songs, and more. While the Apple Music one isn’t quite as colorful as Spotify’s, or features extra details like your listening personality and… which city you would be in this year based on your habits (Burlington or Cambridge?), it does still get the job done.

It also provides you with a similar playlist of all the songs you listened to the most this year, just like Spotify.

For more information about how Apple Music users can access their 2023 Replay, visit here.