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What Was Spotify’s Most-Streamed Album Of 2023?

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Getty Image / Derrick Rossignol

Spotify Wrapped 2023 has arrived! The popular annual campaign already has music fans around the world sharing their lists of favorite artists, albums, and songs along with the cheery, colorful graphics that make the event so anticipated each year. And while the focus is usually on users’ individual lists, it’s also fun to see what everybody else was listening to. So, what was the most-streamed album? Well, that depends. The world likes one thing, but of course, the US likes its own thing. Find out more below.

Spotify’s Most-Streamed Album Globally For 2023

The most-streamed album on Spotify in the world was Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny, a popular icon in much of the Spanish-speaking world (and a big chunk of the Anglophone one as well). You might think it would have been Midnights by Taylor Swift due to her massive Eras Tour shifting the global economy — and you’d be close, as she came in second.

Spotify’s Most-Streamed Album In The US For 2023

However, when it came to America, the biggest hit was in a completely different, more homegrown genre. One Thing At A Time by Morgan Wallen was the No. 1 album on Spotify in the US, which only makes sense, as country music isn’t quite as popular outside of our cowboy-obsessed corner of the continent (there’s also some weird culture war stuff going on, which… yeah). R&B is also much more popular at home than abroad; SZA overtakes Taylor for the second position with SOS, while Swift comes in third.