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When Does Tracking Start For Spotify Wrapped?

spotify 2023

Spotify Wrapped is officially here. Today (November 29), Spotify users received their annual interactive summary of their listening habits, along with fun character and personality assessments.

While some are excited to see their Spotify Wrapped, some are a bit confused about their results. Because of this, they are hoping to get on top of the tracking process and produce more accurate assessments for future editions of Spotify Wrapped.

When does tracking start for Spotify Wrapped?

Tracking begins on January 1, according to various sources. This can also be confirmed by the fact that each Spotify user is told which song they kicked off each year with.

Tracking continues over the course of several months, however, ends at an unknown date toward the end of each calendar year. The date has often been thought to be Halloween, however, Spotify has since confirmed that this isn’t the case.

Spotify remains secretive about the process, however, individual Spotify users are encouraged to share their Wrappeds with their friends. For this year’s Wrapped, Spotify introduced Blend, a feature with allows each Spotify User to combine Wrapped playlists with one or more fellow Spotify users.

Spotify users can see their Wrappeds by opening up the app on their mobile device, or by visiting here.