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No, ‘Barbie’ Did Not Cause An International Shortage Of Pink Paint

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Barbie made well over $1 billion at the box office, which is also how many gallons of pink paint was required to make the film. Or so it seemed.

One of director Greta Gerwig’s requirements for Barbie was for “the pinks to be very bright, and everything to be almost too much.” Production designer Sarah Greenwood took the job seriously, telling Architectural Digest that “the world ran out of pink.” She was being hyperbolic, but only slightly.

“There wasn’t enough pink paint [to begin with],” Greenwood clarified about her “off the cuff” comment in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment. “Yes, we found this color after lots of investigation into the perfect pink. So we go to Rosco, this amazing film company that makes this beautiful pigment… but of course, nobody was using pink until we came along. And so therefore, there wasn’t enough pink paint. We said, ‘Oh, we want 200 liters of your pure pigment.’”

The mission to find more pink paint involved movie studio executives calling paint company executives. “And then everybody pulled together and we found pink paint in every sort of backyard workshop,” Greenwood added. “We did get there in the end. But no, we didn’t cause the world to run out of pink paint.”

At least until the sequel.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)