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Is Taylor Swift’s ‘You’re Losing Me’ About Joe Alwyn?

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Yesterday (November 29), Taylor Swift celebrated being Spotify’s Top Global Artist by finally giving her Midnights album track, “You’re Losing Me,” a proper streaming release. Before, it had only been available on a CD format. As part of the celebration for dropping the fan-favorite, her collaborator, Jack Antonoff, posted an Instagram story that sparked some serious Swiftie news.

Antonoff revealed that Swift wrote and recorded the breakup song on December 5, 2021, instead of it being a recent one after the news of her April split from Joe Alwyn. This significantly changed fans’ minds on the timeline of their relationship, and that it might not have been all they thought it was.

“How long could we be a sad song?” Swift sings, pointing out that things were “too far gone to bring back to life.”

Some fans have speculated that the pair might have broken up and then got back together — given they had been spotted throughout 2022, seemingly still going strong.

Others felt that the song represented Swift emotionally checking out of their relationship before they called it quits.

“Taylor Swift is ‘breaking up with him in my head months before I work up the courage to actually do it’ representation,” one user wrote.

Check out some fan reactions about “You’re Losing Me” and whether it’s about Joe Alwyn.