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Kaytranada Ends His Prolifically Collaborative Year With Excellent Singles Featuring Rochelle Jones And Channel Tres

Kaytranada November 2023
Hannah Sider

For Kaytranada, this year has more or less been defined by collaboration. He even welcomed a few familiar faces to join his Coachella set. This summer, he and Aminé joined forces to drop their Kaytraminé album, which Uproxx’s Aaron Williams dubbed “not just the album of the summer, but the literal soundtrack of it,” and subsequently toured in support of it. And if that weren’t enough, Kaytranada produced on Victoria Monét’s Grammy-nominated album, Jaguar II.

Kaytranada had no other choice but to punctuate 2023 with a collaborative single. The good news is that he decided to offer up a double single. Even better news? A full-length Kaytranada album is expected to drop in 2024, as per press release.

On Thursday morning, November 30, Kaytranada shared “Lover/Friend” featuring Rochelle Jordan, and the B-side is “Stuntin” featuring Channel Tres. Each song also has an instrumental version available to enjoy.

“Lover/Friend” is as scintillating as its title suggests — a classic will-they-won’t-they elevated by unique production and gorgeous vocals. The press release correctly describes it as “quintessential Kaytranada, providing the producer’s trademark bounce with enough space to let Jordan’s vocals shine.”

“Stuntin” is also bouncy but exists on a totally different wave, as Tres’ sultry voice delivers a confident message in an assured but hushed tone.

Listen to them below.