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Hot Chameleon Sebastian Stan May Have Gone Too Far After Being Cast As Young Donald Trump

Sebastian Stan Donald Trump
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Sebastian Stan may look like your typical nice hottie, but he loves being a chameleon. He can play brooding, long-locked Bucky Barnes/Winder Soldier for the MCU. He can also play real, troubled people. He earned raves as Tonya Harding’s ex-husband and as Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee. His next trick? Turning himself into young Donald Trump for some reason.

Per Deadline, Stan has been cast in the latest from Iranian filmmaker Ali Abassi, of the acclaimed Holy Spider. It’s called The Apprentice, and no, it’s not about the reality show that saved Donald Trump’s career. It concerns his early days in the ‘70s and ‘80s, when he exploited a dilapidated New York City to become a real estate king by doing things like shortchanging the city for the once gorgeous Commodore Hotel near Grand Central and turning it into towering blandness.

The movie will also deal with Trump’s prickly relationship with his father, Fred, who was once arrested at a KKK rally. Perhaps the film will depict them being sued in 1973 for violating the Fair Housing Act after they discriminated against potential Black tenants.

Stan’s a good actor and Abassi is a talented filmmaker, so this will probably make for engaging cinema. (Hopefully the big guy’s not back in the White House when it’s released.) But the idea of anyone, much less nice, handsome Sebastian Stan playing the pee tape guy had people gagging.

The idea of a hot person playing this guy? To many it wasn’t great!

And others wondered if Stan should chill on expanding his craft a bit.

(Via Deadline)