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Is Tom Holland Done Playing Spider-Man? The Actor Updated Fans On Whether He’ll Come Back For A Fourth Movie

Spider-Man Homecoming Tom Holland
Sony Pictures

Despite the pandemic, Spider-Man: No Way Home swung into theaters and broke some box-office records as audiences flocked to see Tom Holland return as the web-slinger alongside some familiar faces. After making a fateful decision, Holland’s Spider-Man is last seen swinging into the night with a new costume that is easily the most comics-accurate version of Spidey’s suit to ever be seen on the screen. And that’s the last anyone has saw of him.

For two years now, Holland has yet to resurface in the MCU, and there has been little talk about a fourth movie in the franchise, even though Marvel and Sony were quick to tout that there will be a new film as No Way Home became a smash hit. Well, we finally got an update from Holland, and from the sound of things, it might be a while until we see him return as Spider-Man if he even returns at all. (Yikes.)

Here’s what Holland told reporters at the Critics Choice Association press conference via Collider:

All I can say is that we have been actively engaging in conversations about what it could potentially look like for a fourth rendition of my character. Whether or not we can find a way to do justice to the character is another thing. I feel very protective over Spider-Man. I feel very, very lucky that we were able to work on a franchise that got better with each movie, that got more successful with each movie, which I think is really rare, and I want to protect his legacy. So, I won’t make another one for the sake of making another one. It will have to be worth the while of the character.

While that’s probably not the hopeful update Spidey fans were looking for, Holland did make it clear that if a solid story for Spider-Man 4 is cracked, he’s definitely on board.

“If we can figure that out, I would be a fool not to put the suit back on again because I owe everything to Spider-Man,” Holland said. “I love the character and the people I get to work with. So, I would love to tell another story, but I’ll only tell it if we can find the right one.”

(Via Collider)